The Swinging Sticks - Desktop Toy - White
The Swinging Sticks - Desktop Toy - White
The Swinging Sticks - Desktop Toy - White
The Swinging Sticks - Desktop Toy - White
The Swinging Sticks - Desktop Toy - White
The Swinging Sticks - Desktop Toy - White

The Swinging Sticks - Desktop Toy - White

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  • Patented product
  • 2 years warranty
  • Ships to all of Asia


The Swinging Sticks is a unique kinetic sculpture which will decorate your home and captivate all your friends and family.

The sticks will continue to swing and turn almost seeming to defy the laws of physics and gravity. With just a set of 4 AA batteries The Swinging Sticks Desktop Toy will continue to swing and turn for more than 6 months without stopping.


The Swinging Sticks - Desktop Toy

Compared to the Original version the Desktop Toy version comes at a more affordable price but the materials used and the rotation time before change of batteries is required is also significantly different between the two version. Below we have made a list that compares the two version with each other:

The Swinging Sticks - Desktop Toy

The Swinging Sticks - Original

Rotation time before change of batteries: About 6 months Rotation time before change of batteries: Up to 2 years
Warranty: 2 years from manufacturer
Warranty: 5 years from manufacturer


  • ABS base
  • Alu sticks
  • High-quality bearings
  • Black rubber feet
Components used:
  • High-density and high quality wooden base with flawless finish
  • High quality shiny aluminium sticks
  • Best in class bearings
  • Velvet fabric and transparent silicon feet
Sizing: Smaller than The Swinging Sticks Original: 35 x 8 x 38 cm while in motion Size: Original sized: 41 x 9.5 x 44.5 cm while in motion
Weight: 0.24 kg without any batteries
Weight: 0.64 kg without any batteries
Test run before shipment: 3-4 days Test run before shipment: 7-10 days
Quality: Good Quality: Perfect
Unique serial number: Yes
Unique serial number: Yes



Product weight (including batteries): 0.33 kg
Total shipping weight: 0.7 kg
Shipping size: 30.6 x 9.5 x 27.7 cm


The Story of The Swinging Sticks

The Swinging Sticks was invented by two German friends who aimed to build a perpetual motion machine. They spent months improving and tweaking small details to minimize the friction of their design. By the time they had finished they had built a new item that caught the attention of the world: The Swinging Sticks.

Since the beginning of the 2000's The Swinging Sticks have grown in popularity, which culminated in 2010 when The Swinging Sticks was featured in the Iron Man 2 movie. The director of the movie, Jan Favreau, had seen the item on vacation and decided to include it in his Iron Man 2 movie. Since then The Swinging Sticks have been known worldwide and it has become one of the most popular perpetual motion items in the world.

In 2017, The Swinging Sticks Desktop Toy was launched after many years in the making. This new invention allowed even more people access to the physics defying beauty and has helped build the awareness and popularity of The Swinging Sticks even further.

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